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There are many contributing factors to your health, weight, ability to exercise, how often you

exercise… We tried to narrow it down to the top 5 reasons you are not shedding the kilo’s you want to.


1 – Doing it for others

You should not start a diet or do effort to lose weight because others tell you to. The biggest mistake is to work on your health because others want it. They tell you “do this” “try that” all with the best intentions, but nothing will change if you don’t do the work yourself. If you’re sensitive to group pressure or external pressure you might succeed in the beginning, the problem is, the more weight you lose the lesser the pressure you feel and get, and when everything is back to normal you slowly gain back your weight and most of the time, unfortunately, more than you had when you started.If you don’t have internal motivation to get healthier, that’s the first point you need to work on before even thinking about food or exercise.

2 – Taking the easy way out

There is no easy way out! Stop looking for it! All those diet books, special pills and creams, power plates, abb machines that burn everything off…. It’s one big pile of BS.Most definitely don’t let doctors cut into you when it’s not really really really necessary. For me that’s only when your life is in direct danger and there is no other way to fix the problem.You gained it slow by having overeating and taking it easy on movement. You now need to lose it slow by eating healthy and start moving…consistently.  Losing weight is going to be time consuming and is at the best of times a patient game. You have to change habits that you can stick to for the rest of your life, at least until you’re on a healthy weight. Then you need to set boundaries and compensate for “indulging days”. If you are taking this to heart, you have the keys to your healthy bodyweight and future.

3 – Being too stubborn or proud

There are a lot of good examples out there of people that lost weight by themselves. It’s the hardest way to do it, effectively and sustainably. The positive about this trial-and-error way of losing weight is that you learn allot about how your body works. The bad part is that you most people quit after experiencing a couple downfalls, and then feel like they have failed. Instead of just persisting on and getting back on track they give up completely and this becomes an evil cycle of trying and failing.

4 – Starting a popular diet

Many books are sold because they have special chapter. I call them the unique selling chapters. It’s what makes there book different from the others and if it gets picked up, they become a hype and make the big bugs. Unfortunately, science shows that although most of them have a starters effect, the result almost never lasts. This is because you follow someone else’s rules instead of changing your own rules which combined you can call your lifestyle.

5 – Believing that your body works differently

Too many times I hear the excuses. My body works differently. I’m heavy boned. I just don’t eat breakfast because my body doesn’t like it. Yes, everyone is different, and yes not everything works for everyone. But in the end, we all eat food, drink water, breath, poo, pee, sleep and grow old (if we’re lucky). So, let’s agree that you don’t work differently, you just have different habits. Most of them you didn’t choose, you learned them from your parents and the people around you when you grew up. If you want to change your health and your body, you have to change some of these old habits.

Final thoughts…

Now, these 5 reasons are not to offend you or to make you feel stupid or have self-pity. No, they are important for you to look into the mirror and admit that you have had the biggest role in you journey to become overweight and that you will have the biggest part in your journey to become healthy again, no shortcuts, not miracle cream, just you.

You have a nice car, you maintain it, you have a nice house you maintain it, if you have a nice relationship you maintain it, right? So where is the pride of ownership when it comes to your own body. You only have one…




Be proud of your body and thank your body for taking you this far and that you are now ready to take over, to take charge and start taking care of it. You will one day look back to this day, the day you took control and worked daily on growing old in a healthy, well balanced, and happy body.